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LIVO Energy Essence is a holistic health treatment healing emotional and physical imbalances based on the principle of resonance. LIVO Energy Essence contains the high vibrational frequencies of Wildflowers, Herbal Extracts, Essential Oil and Crystals.

This is a powerful, love-boosting energy flower essence. It helps clear the emotional imprints developed through interactions with the family of origin and intimate relationships. The calming vibrations of the wildflowers, minerals and crystals help dissolve the long-standing lack of love, enabling self-love and self-care to arise.

So you can better….

• Generate the flow of love, enhance self-understanding, overcome self-doubt and learn to trust and connect with yourself

• Expand the ability to appreciate yourself and overcome the need for approval from others

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Emotional Benefits:

Applying Love & Light around the heart chakra, lower abdomen, especially around the navel, helps one to return from fear to love and trust.   Love & Light helps clear the energetic imprints stored in the navel area where love and fear accumulate in intimate relationships including the bonding with our mother.

   Infuse unconditional love into the body and mind and heal emotional trauma and loss in relationships

   Enhance ability to love and care for oneself

   Expand the heart for compassion and acceptance


Physical Benefits & Association

    Enable self-healing for endocrine imbalance and gynecology issues

    Relieve anxiety, restlessness and nervousness

    Release tension and heaviness around the forehead and chest/heart area


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