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LIVO Energy Essence is a holistic health treatment healing emotional and physical imbalances based on the principle of resonance. LIVO Energy Essence contains the high vibrational frequencies of Wildflowers, Herbal Extracts, Essential Oil and Crystals.

LIVO No. 4 Essence harmonizes the energy of the heart chakra which represents wellspring of love, compassion, and joy. LIVO No. 4 Essence helps one regain the courage to love and be loved, improve self-acceptance and resolve self-centeredness and self-repression.

No. 4 Essence helps create more space and capacity which allows the flow of love. It helps strengthen the chest and cardio, open and relax the shoulders, neck, arms and back.

So you can better when you….

• Trust and be at peace

• Express gratitude and cultivate depth in relationships

• Love yourself

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  • You are self-critical and judgmental
  • You repress your emotions and have difficulty expressing your feelings.
  • You are caught up by past events and memories and have difficulty moving on.


Physically, you experience…

  • Asthma, allergies, chest and breast tightness
  • Cardiovascular symptoms, angina, blood pressure problems
  • Respiratory and immunocompromised problems

LIVO No. 4 Energy Flower Essence - Unconditional love and Personal Expansion

LIVO No. 4 Essence corresponds to the heart chakra, which is the center of self-acceptance and self-love.   The bigger the ‘heart’, the higher the ability to embrace.   LIVO No. 4 essence helps release suppressed emotions and develop qualities of love, warmth, joy, and happiness.   It helps cultivate a sense of compassion and trust in others.  When the heart chakra is opened, there is a flow of energy from one’s self to the wider community and build healthy boundaries.  The heart chakra is also the center of transformation and determines the amount of space a person can accommodate for love and money.


When the energy of the heart chakra is balanced, one’s self-worth is high.  One has a high capacity to live generously and wholeheartedly, not obsessive about small things, and the body is relaxed and confident.   When it is out of balance, one will appear stiff and closed inside.   The limbs become tight and one’s sense of self-worth will be low.   The ability to accept love and all the good things in life become limited.   One can become fearful, harsh, critical and judgmental.

Aqua, Brandy, Bergamot, Myrtle, Lavender, Marjoram, Rose, Bluebell, Pink Flannel

Flower, Philotheca, Five Corners, Sydney Rose, Malachite, Emerald

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