Essential Differences – Energy Essences (EE) vs. Essential Oils (EO)

    Essential Differences – Energy Essences (EE) vs. Essential Oils (EO)

    1.     Source

    EE:  Energetic vibration derived from flowers, herbs, crystals, gemstones & shells.

    EOs:  Extracted from physical substances of plants including roots, stems, flowers, fruits & seeds.


    2.     Preparation Process

    EEs :  

    By bathing flowers under the sun and moon in water for a period of time, the energetic vibration of the plant is imprinted into water which is then strained and preserved with brandy.


    Eos: Extracted by distillation, pressing, maceration, extraction, and enfleurage and applied with vegetable oil


    3.     Function


    l   Restore emotional imbalances and physical health and heal from inside-out. 

    l   Work by the principle of resonance by aligning the body to nature’s vibration and stimulating body’s natural capacity to bring itself back to homeostasis.


    ·        Mainly on addressing physical body issues

    ·       Go by absorption of plants substances and fragrances into the body

    4.     Application

    FE:  Both direct oral intake and external use on chakras and organs

    EO:  Mainly external use with dilution required