Sacral Chakra Energy Flower Essence


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LIVO Energy Essence is a holistic health treatment healing emotional and physical imbalances based on the principle of resonance. LIVO Energy Essence contains the high vibrational frequencies of Wildflowers, Herbal Extracts, Essential Oil and Crystals.

LIVO Sacral Chakra Energy Flower Essence harmonizes the 2nd Chakra and helps you to reconnect with your deepest source of nourishment:
• Connect with the source of love, sense of belonging
• Heal wounds and loss in relationships, enhance self-identity and value
• Care for the reproductive organs such as blocked fibroids, urinary system and menopause problems, sciatic nerve and lower back pain

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Emotionally, you experience…

   Difficulty with intimate relationships, including relationship with mother

   Pro-longed self-criticism, internal deprivation, feelings of worthlessness, indecision, and self-disapproval.


Physically, you’re experiencing

  Lower back pain, sciatica, edema

  Urinary problems, female hormones, menstrual gynecological problems

  Fibroid issues

  Menopause symptoms

  Infertility issues·

  PMS symptoms, excessive or irregular menstrual flow

LIVO Sacral Chakra (No. 2) Energy Flower Essence - Nourishing - Connecting to the Source of LOVE.


Sacral chakra is located around two inches below the navel and its balance reflects our relationship with our mother, the first relationship we experienced. This chakra also signifies the source of love.  Humans are conceived from the reproductive system and during the embryonic period, emotions and experiences are imprinted on our psyche. Relationship with our mother plays a big role in our early stage development and the associated experiences impact our sacral chakra. These experiences lay the foundation of one’s self-esteem and also all intimate relationships later in life. Relationships extend beyond interpersonal interactions and cover perceptions towards money and work. 


When the second chakra is in balance, there is a great sense of joy, creativity and intimacy that one experiences with everything in life including relationships, money and career. 


When the second chakra is out of balance, self-identity and sense of worth are low.   One feel lacking love and may live in fear, at times even prone to addiction symptoms, including substance or drug abuse, love or sex addiction, etc. Problems arise in other relationships.

Aqua, Brandy, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang, Cypress, She Oak, Billy Goat Plum,

Bottlebrush, Bush Gardenia, Golden topaz, Agate